Castle of Condé in Condé-en-BrieCastle of Condé in Condé-en-Brie
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The castle of Condé

The Château de Condé is one of the most beautiful Renaissance type of the territory.

Home of the Princes of Condé and their descendants until the eighteenth century and now privately owned, this castle has many illustrations of the tales and fables of La Fontaine by great masters of their time as Jean-Baptiste Oudry, famous painter of the hunting parties of Louis XV.
Come and discover this authentic and preserved treasure where Watteau’s paintings will transport you to another world and another time… The jewel is inside!


The 3 Valleys ducks

In its green pastures, the duck reigns supreme!

Installed since 1995, the Fagot family has dedicated all its experience around the duck in order to brighten our taste buds. Here everything is homemade! They have acquired a real know-how that they will share with you…


Hiking : "The ace of the Valley of the Princes

Tour in the heart of the First World War.

Meet Xavier Moissinac, ace of the SPA 154 squadron. Fallen during an air strike on June 3, 1918, he took a bullet between the eyes but managed to land his biplane fighter intact before giving up the ghost… Discover this hero by going through this hike that will take you between Celles-lès-Condé and Condé-en-Brie.