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How to get there?

Road and highway connections:

From Paris and Reims via the A4 Paris-Strasbourg highway (Exits #19 Montreuil-aux-Lions 71 km from Paris, #20 Château-Thierry/Soissons 90 km from Paris, Dormans 25 km from Reims).

The A4 freeway puts Paris at 1 hour 15 minutes and Reims at 40 minutes’ drive from Château-Thierry!

From Paris and Epernay via the D1003
From Saint-Quentin and Soissons via the RD1.

From Paris:

Paris / Château-Thierry / Strasbourg line by TER and Corail grandes lignes SNCF
Paris / La-Ferté-Milon line by TER SNCF

Local international air links:

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – Château-Thierry > 100 km
Orly Airport – Château-Thierry > 100 km

By going up or down the Marne from Paris or Epernay. Several quays invite boaters to put their foot down. A river stopover offers boaters the possibility to stay and discover our destination without moderation.

This platform was created by the Community of Communes of the Canton of Charly sur Marne. It encourages people to share their vehicle to facilitate travel, whether you go to the station, you are without a license or sensitive to the environment … You just have to register on the website to share your vehicle or ask for a ride!

Mobipartage is 100% local, 100% free, easy to use, supportive and collaborative! So why deprive yourself?