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And yes! We still have some!

If you come to see us:

1. We provide a personalized, efficient and courteous physical and telephone reception (inform, advise, direct) in at least two foreign languages (and yes! we are bilingual!)

2. We offer tourist maps, plans and tourist guides on paper. Don’t hesitate to ask us!”

3. We offer complementary services to the reception and tourist information: store, guided tours, packaged products to discover our territory (and yes! we do all that!)

4. We disseminate events, festivals and demonstrations (everything is on the site!)

5. We handle complaints and measure visitor satisfaction

6. We display and disseminate its opening periods expressed in at least two foreign languages and emergency numbers

7. We offer you free access to wifi (here we are connecting people!)

8. We’re open at least 305 days a year including Saturday and Sunday during the tourist season (MDT is 336 days or 2296 hours!)

9. Mail is answered year-round (and in less than 24 hours!)

10. But the most important thing is to answer your questions and greet you with a smile!