Market in Fère-en-TardenoisMarket in Fère-en-Tardenois
©Market in Fère-en-Tardenois|Maison du Tourisme Les Portes de la Champagne - C. Debout
of Marigny-en-Oxois

The market

local enthusiasts

Butchers, cheesemakers, market gardeners, bakers, grocers, winemakers, brewers, tables of the world… we might as well tell you that all the products are local and harvested by people who love their job.

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Animations and tastings

The kids have seen the ponies, so it’s off for a ride around the old village houses on the backs of the equines.
And since activity digs into you, a little hunger sets in when it’s time to dismount.
Sit down on the tables in the square, order a small glass of champagne and enjoy what you’ve bought (don’t forget your knife).

The Biquettes de la BruyèresThe Biquettes de la Bruyères
©The Biquettes de la Bruyères
The local recommendation

I recommend the little cream cheese hearts. To be enjoyed either salted (with Himalayan salt) or sweetened (with cherry jam) with a traditional baguette and a slice of smoked ham.

If you like very vinegary pickles (which remind me of the ones my grandmother used to make), get them from the canning stand you won’t be disappointed! And yes, the Marché de Marigny is a true epicurean’s paradise!

Rosie, resident of Marigny