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The 5 good reasons

to come and see us!

At the Maison du Tourisme des Portes de la Champagne, we welcome you with a smile! Come and see us, we will give you all the advice you need for a successful stay.


We are open ONLY 336 days a year! So, you’ll have to put the turbo to come and see us!

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Whatever your request, we will “try” to answer your questions!


At home, we don’t know the good addresses…


You will not be able to find a small souvenir of the Portes de la Champagne in our store because there is really nothing…


Here, there is no champagne… no no what you see are not vineyards!
It is better to go towards Reims or Epernay because they steal all our juice! (in more one does not want to share!)