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The 5 natural have an eyeful!

The top of the most beautiful panoramas!

Whether you want to discover beautiful gardens, breathe in a place full of history or just laze around, these places await you.


You’re driving along the Champagne tourist route, towards Dormans. Then allow yourself a stop at the panorama of Passy-sur-Marne, coiled in a meander of the Marne. You can see the castle surrounded by the village and the vineyard. Did you know that this small commune has more vineyards than inhabitants?



On the heights of Charly-sur-Marne, take the direction of Porteron. Stop at the orientation table, which enjoys a splendid view of the entire Champagne hillside.

Enjoy this incredible view of the circus of vines encompassing the Marne valley.

Why not take advantage of it for a little walk in the vineyard.


Mount Bonneil

Take the path up through the village of Bonneil. The higher you go, the more the panorama on the Mont de Bonneil reveals itself to you.

Arrive and admire the exceptional view on “the belt” surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see… Put the picnic on the table, savor, breathe and enjoy! Calmness and relaxation are guaranteed…

Route du Mont de Bonneil


You’ll need to take a small road up through the vineyards, into the heart of the village of Acorn. Get lost in the narrow streets to get to the viewpoint. Once you get up there, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

The valley here is wide and depending on the season, the colors vary.

A real treat for the eyes!

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From the orientation table of Montigny-lès-Condé, enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the typical landscapes of the canton of Condé-en- Brie with its interlacing of valleys, woods and vineyards. In the middle of which emerge authentic villages.

Facing this landscape, time seems to have suspended its course. The ideal place for a moment of relaxation and disconnection.