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©Stroll on the edge of the Marne in Charly Sur Marne|Maison du Tourisme Les Portes de la Champagne - C. Debout

The Ideal Sites

to relax and refresh at the water's edge...

It’s hot! Do you want to refresh yourself at the water’s edge? Then discover these places where calm and relaxation will be privileged… Did you know that there are several playgrounds along the Marne ? Château-Thierry, Jaulgonne, Saulchery, Nogent l’Artaud, Charly-sur-Marne… Many towns have set up playgrounds along the river for the whole family to enjoy.

Relaxation on

The banks of the Marne

The Marne is the largest river in France! It runs right through the Champagne Gates, undulating through the heart of the vineyards and passing through many villages. Whether you’re in Jaulgonne, Château-Thierry or Charly-sur-Marne, you won’t be able to miss it, so much does it leave its mark on the landscape.

So, why not bring your picnic, a book or snowshoes to enjoy precious moments alone, with family or friends by the water.

Cruise from

The Harbour Master's Office

Freshly installed on the banks of the Marne, do not hesitate to stop there. Since 2021, electric boats have been available for you to enjoy the banks of the Marne.

Le Port à Sable
02400 Château-Thierry
07 56 80 95 66
03 64 13 02 23
From Sunday 6pm until Tuesday 3pm. Open from 9:30am to 9pm.

Oxygenate yourself on

The Island of Rudenoise

Discover and enjoy this small wooded site, along the Ru de Domptin. A real green setting, this privileged space will allow you to marvel at the many treasures that nature offers.

02310 Charly-sur-Marne
03 22 89 63 96

Relaxation at

Parc des Bruyères

Excursion guaranteed at the Parc des Bruyères. Within the communal domain, an exceptional diversity of environments allows in any season to observe fauna and flora within a remarkable landscape.You can even settle and fish within this magnificent natural setting. Relaxation assured…

This is not one but two marked trails that you can walk in the Bruyères park. One will put you in the footsteps of the hoopoe, a very pretty but very rare bird, which you may be lucky enough to spot. Don’t hesitate to lend an ear, its rather characteristic song (poupou pou) will help you locate it.

The other trail, named after the Portuguese monkshood, will take you to the marsh where this large blue flower grows. If you want to see it in full bloom, you must come in late summer. Don’t end your walk without saying hello to the few sheep, cows and the donkey Tisane that graze here, quietly.

D 967
03 23 83 51 14 – 03 22 89 63 96
Open all year

At the edge of

The pond of Boutache

Go in search of the little dragon near Boutache Pond. No, you won’t come face to face with a real dragon but you can come across many species of amphibians (newts, frogs, toads, etc) so watch carefully where you put your feet. Moreover, every year, at the end of winter, a toadstool is installed near the nearby pond of La Logette, which allows to save a great number of these amphibians. A very interesting nature outing to do with the family.

D 85
03 23 83 51 14 – 03 22 89 63 96
Open all year round

Relaxing at

The pond of the Conge

Get some good shoes and (re)find your adventurous soul to discover this former open pit where woods and marshes now reign supreme. You will discover that a pond is not only synonymous with the presence of fish. Put all your senses on alert to spot dragonflies or birds that land on the reeds. You can even take advantage of the hiding places to observe the animals and cross the beautiful wooden bridge. A real adventurer’s experience!”

Rue de Nogentel
03 22 89 63 96
Open all year round

Fishing with

Domaine de la Salamandre

Here is an idyllic place, ideal for fly fishing! Set down in electric motor boats or float tubes and let yourself be guided… In front of this blue pond, bordered by a canyon and a white sand beach, time has no more hold. Enjoy here a real moment of pure happiness…

Rue du Wadon
03 23 70 66 14
Open all year round.
Day fishing from 8:00 to 18:00: 55 €
Evening fishing from 18:00 to 22:00: 25 €


The ponds of the Rollequin Mill

A desire to fish? The Rollequin Mill ponds await you with their 8 private ponds where you can relax and enjoy the view. You will leave there with a lighter head…

Chemin de Rollequin
06 49 74 09 31
Open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (closed on Tuesdays)
1/2 day fishing: 10 € – Day fishing: 30 € (depending on the formula chosen)

Relax at the

Ponds of Bussiares

The trout pond with an area of about 3,700 m2 and a depth between 1m20 and 2m is fed by an underground spring, ensuring excellent water quality. Grab your fishing rod and let’s go for a relaxing afternoon at the water’s edge… A little hunger (or thirst!) is felt? Don’t hesitate the restaurant and bar welcome you.

1 route de Licy-Clignon
03 23 70 63 74
Open daily from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm (except on Fridays)