Stroll on the Marne at Château-ThierryStroll on the Marne at Château-Thierry
©Stroll on the Marne at Château-Thierry
Cruise on the Marne

Boat trip on the Marne from the Capitainerie

If you are going on the Marne River, with its 517 km length, the nautical stops welcome you along your cruise…

Ahoy, ahoy!

The House of Tourism

on the waves

This morning, it’s a boat ride from the Capitainerie in Château-Thierry! It was essential to test this activity as a team.

Take a seat on an electric boat (5 on board maximum). After putting on your life jacket and a quick check-up course, it’s Floriane who takes the helm, heading for Brasles! From the river, the city seems totally different… little by little calm and serenity invade us… lulled by the lapping of the water and the rustling of leaves on the banks, we let ourselves go to a total disconnection.

The silences speak volumes...

At every moment something happens. A heron diving beak forward in search of a fish, a fisherman who is also waiting for the catch, walkers along the Marne, a bird cooing in the trees… The change of scenery is total!

After 1 hour of strolling, we return to the port more than happy with the feeling of having fully enjoyed it. Everything we need to start a new week under good auspices!

Live this experience

Boat without a license, no reservation from Wednesday to Sunday, 45€/hour
(boat between 4 and 5 people maximum)

La Capitainerie
Le Port à Sable
Avenue Jules Lefebvre
02400 Château-Thierry
03 64 13 02 23