American Monument Cote 204 in Château-ThierryAmerican Monument Cote 204 in Château-Thierry
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Rendezvous with History

The battles of the First World War

Whether you like Napoleonic battles or the history of the Great War, you are here on a land of memory. Do not hesitate to come and discover the numerous places of the Portes de la Champagne, all full of history and memory.

On the side of



This wood is, one of the most iconic places to visit. In the heart of the now calm and soothing nature, the traces of the old trenches and manholes remind us of the terrible history that happened there. A path composed of explanatory plaques that trace the history of the fighting. The various period cannons at the entrance of the wood plunge us directly into history.

Did you know that the trees are sacred?

The oldest and most bruised are thus called “veterans”, as if, like the soldiers, they too had fought. Moreover, when one of them dies, it is buried, its wood too loaded with iron, having become unrecoverable.

Aisne Marne Cemetery

Nearby, the American cemetery houses the bodies of thousands of fallen soldiers. The magnificent chapel that overlooks it gives us a lesson in tolerance and union. The religious figures are replaced by military figures so that everyone can pay their respects.

Located across the street from the cemetery, Belleau’s church was destroyed during World War I. In order to rebuild it, each man in the 26th Division donated a day’s pay. The cornerstone was laid on December 23, 1928.

Musée de la Mémoire 1914-1918

Go and discover this museum full of history in which you will be told all the episodes of the Poilus and Marines who came to fight alongside us against the Germans, during the First World War.

You will be surprised by the richness of the exhibitions presented each season.

Cote 204 Monument

and its visitor center

Another strong symbol of major episodes in the territory: the Cote 204 monument.

Visible from a great distance, when you arrive in Château-Thierry, its imposing architecture leaves you speechless.

Built at the end of the war, it nevertheless remains timeless. In addition to its impressive dimensions, it provides a better understanding of the confrontations of the Great War, since there is a map of the places of battle, as well as the names of the various divisions that were involved.

From up there, the view of Château-Thierry is spectacular.

Finally, the statues representing France and America through the representation of two women holding hands is a strong symbol, that of a beautiful friendship that has been strengthened on our territory throughout history.

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Oise-Aisne Cemetery at Seringes-et-Nesles

The Seringes-et-Nesles Military Cemetery, also known as “Oise-Aisne,” contains 6012 graves, lined up in a green, landscaped setting.

This site highlights the terrible fighting that took place in this region and was part of the great Franco-American offensive launched on July 18, 1918. Approximately 310,000 Americans served on the side of the Allies and suffered casualties amounting to more than 67,000 men.

Joyce Kilmer: American poet

Killed at the age of 31 by a German sniper, he is buried with his comrades. The French Republic awarded him the Croix de Guerre posthumously.

Skybow Division Memorial: The Pieta

Discover also the Pieta at Fère-en-Tardenois, memorial of the 42nd US Division. This bronze sculpture, the work of James Butler, measures nearly 3 meters. It represents an American soldier carrying his dead comrade in his arms. It is a powerful testament to the American commitment and particularly to one of the division’s infantry regiments, the 167th Alabama, which distinguished itself on the battlefield of Red Cross Farm in July 1918.


The Quentin Roosevelt Fountain in Coulonges-Cohan

Quentin Roosevelt, son of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, served as an aviator in the U.S. Army. He was shot down over Chamery on July 14, 1918. He was 20 years old. A fountain was built by his family in his memory.


All of these heroic sacrifices are celebrated on the last Sunday in May on Memorial Day.