Castle of Fère in Fère-en-TardenoisCastle of Fère in Fère-en-Tardenois
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The most beautiful castles

The most beautiful castles

The most medieval

The medieval castle of Château-Thierry

Considered one of the largest fortresses of its time, the castle site has been occupied since the 4th-5th century. Located on high ground and protected by the Marne River, a first trace of a fortified castle is attested in the second half of the ninth century and belongs to Hubert de Vermandois, a family at the origin of the Champagne accounts.

The jewel of the Renaissance

Castle of Condé

Residence of the Princes of Condé and their descendants until the 18th century. The castle of Condé is one of the most beautiful Renaissance type of the territory.

The most majestic of castles

The castle of Fère-en-Tardenois

The fortress is attested in the 13th century, built by the Count of Dreux.
Built in 1206, it is composed of a polygonal enclosure flanked by seven large circular towers of ashlar.

The little medieval jewel

The Castle of Nesle

This medieval fortress is a typical example of 13th century construction. Privately owned, it has been listed since 1922 and restored since 1970 by Madame and Monsieur Cottin.