Castle of Condé in Condé-en-BrieCastle of Condé in Condé-en-Brie
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Discover the Château de Condé

The Château de Condé and its paintings

Welcome to the Château de Condé, home of the Princes of Condé, Bourbon and Savoy. Far from being a frozen museum, it is inhabited all year round and classified as a Historic Monument. Come and discover this authentic and preserved treasure of France.

The house

of the Princes of Condé

in Condé en Brie

The Château de Condé is one of the most beautiful Renaissance type castles in the area. Imagine yourself in those days: Olympe de Mancini and her magic powders, the Cardinal of Richelieu enjoying the room reserved for him and Jean de La Fontaine as a guest. A beautiful world!

Inspired decors

Fables of La Fontaine

Today privately owned, this castle contains numerous illustrations of La Fontaine’s tales and fables by great masters of their time such as Jean-Baptiste Oudry, famous painter of Louis XV’s hunting parties. Come and discover this authentic and preserved treasure where Watteau’s paintings will transport you to another world and another time… The jewel is inside!