Castle of Nesles in Seringes-et-NeslesCastle of Nesles in Seringes-et-Nesles
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After making an appointment to visit it, set out to conquer the castle of Nesles, almost a little brother of the castle of Fère-en-Tardenois. It was built in 1226 by Robert III of Dreux. Unlike its Ferocious neighbor, this one was built on a philippic model, very geometric, and which perfectly responds to the canons of its time.

This castle has quite a history! It knows a tormented past because of the different owners who succeeded each other. The murders are so frequent that they become a kind of signature of the place.

But its bloody history continues as it is occupied during the First World War by the Germans and will be liberated only on July 31, 1918 by the Americans of the 42nd US rainbow division with, at their head, Colonel Douglas MacArthur.