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5 things to know about champagne

All about champagne

Want to be (almost!) unaware of the subject? We are going to tell you everything about the wine of Kings!

How many bubbles are there in a glass of champagne?

1 000 000 !

It was Gérard Liger-Bélair who counted them… But not alone! In 2012, this professor of physics created “Effervescence, Champagne and Applications” with a small team of researchers, from various backgrounds, at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.


How many different bottles are there?

11 !

From the smallest 1/4 bottle, which contains 200 ml, to the largest, for a total of 30 liters (or 250 glasses!) called Melchisdech.

The grape varieties in the Marne Valley :

15.5% Chardonnay
70% Meunier
13.7% Pinot Noir…
3420 hectares
32 villages
560 farmers.

Did you know that all the information is written on the label?

There is a good amount of information on the label and back label of a bottle of Champagne.
Including the dosage (brut, demi sec…), the year of the vintage, the commune of production,
the initials that inform about the professional category of the elaborator
such as RM for Récoltant Manipulant, NM for Négociant Manipulant and so many others…

Did you know that you can also taste with your eyes or your nose?

Of course it’s not about doing an eye bath or an inhalation!
But the eyes and the nose help you define the champagne as much as your palate.
Whether it’s light or dark, the smells it gives off like fruity, vegetal, floral, mineral, spicy, woody…
everything starts with these 2 senses!